The 1970 Land Rover, series 2a, model 109 station wagon, traces its origins back to the 1950s. This vehicle began to write its unique story later, in the 1990s, when an enthusiast from Yugoslavia rebuilt it into the “Camel” we see today. Rare details, unique components and original retro tuning. A work of art that not only carries the legacy of an era, but also takes the breath away of all enthusiasts and adventurers.


Renovated and preserved patina. Attention to every detail, from the Capstan winch and lights to the smallest detail – the labels, from the 90s Camel Trophy era.


With powerful wheels, the largest and most distinctive that Land Rover produces, the 900-16, Heyus Camel is ready to take on any obstacle.


The charisma, the indescribable feelings, the hours of work and the legacy that Heyus Camel carries, leaves a mark in every enthusiast and adventurer.