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frequently asked questions

How will you get my car to me?

We have a wealth of experience transporting Defenders around the world, as we have been doing business with Defenders since 2014. We have partners for transport by land and sea. The cars are transported on a dry closed trailer so as to be perfectly clean and ready to use when delivered.

Do you do regular Land Rover service?

Unfortunately, we do not provide regular service. At Heyus, we exclusively specialize in complete renovations.

What parts do you use for repairs?

We use only original Land Rover parts and OEM quality parts. In our warehouses we have a large stock of old original parts (NOS), which we use in period renovations. If you are interested in a more accurate list of parts, do not hesitate to contact our salesman.

What is the waiting time?

The waiting period is currently 12 months. Sometimes it happens that we have a car in stock, so do not hesitate to write to our shop.

Do you do diagnostics on newer Land Rovers?

Unfortunately, we don’t work with newer Land Rovers. In fact, we don’t do diagnostics and specialize narrowly in complete renovations of older types.

What is the choice of engines?

With Defenders we work with two iconic engines - the indestructible 300TDI diesel engine and the massive petrol V8. The U Series is standard 2.25 four-cylinder engine with petrol and diesel versions. Alternatively, a conversion to a strong petrol eight-cylinder is possible.

Can we visit the workshop in person?

You are welcome at any time at our Heyus workshop. We are located in Slovakia, our workshop is on the main road entering Prešov. You can reach us by car along the D1 motorway or by air to the nearest international airport, Košice, 50 km from us.

What’s the price of your Land Rovers?

Basic models start at the 70-thousand-euro level. The final price depends on the choice of model, engine and accessories, where accessories can increase the price to a six-figure sum.

Do you renovate clients’ vehicles?

At present, we have decided not to renovate client cars in order to be able to deliver the highest quality of rebuilds. However together we can find a way. Everything depends on personal agreement and therefore do not hesitate to contact us with a request.

Is a Land Rover an investment?

The Land Rover Defender was the last and longest mass-produced “hard-core” vehicle. With the end of production in 2016, the market for old Land Rovers has kicked off, making it clear to people that, because of its unmistakable shape and simplicity, it deserves a place among the icons of motoring.

Can I personally track progress on my new car?

Naturally. You can easily follow the entire renovation process online. Our workshop is visited weekly by a professional photographer who captures the whole process of rebuilding in detail. You will always learn everything important about the progress of work on your new Land Rover in regular weekly reports.

Can the Defender be insured?

Yes, there are insurance companies on the market that will insure your classic against an accident. For your new Land Rover, you will receive all the necessary documentation from our certified workshop to declare the value of the vehicle. In addition, we can also provide a certified expert valuation service for the calculation of the value.

What does the standard equipment include?

All our Defenders are equipped with premium suspension and LED lighting as standard. For an exact description of the standard equipment, please contact us.

What changes in the car during renovation?

We go over literally every part of the car to ensure the highest quality. The vast majority of body parts and mechanical parts are replaced with new ones. For more detailed information, contact our salesman, who will be happy to guide you through the whole rebuilding process.

How do you choose cars for renovation?

We choose cars in the best possible initial state so that the result is authentic and the quality far exceeds the production standards typical of Land Rover for the given period.

What are the payment terms?

Payment is in four instalments. The first payment is used to reserve a date and purchase a donor car. Other payments are based on the progress of your car.

What is the guarantee period?

The guarantee is 12 months from delivery of the vehicle. The condition for claiming on the guarantee is proper care and maintenance of this classic. During the handover we will inform you about the whole process of taking proper care of your classic.

Is there a possibility of payment in instalments?

We currently offer payment in four instalments. We do not currently arrange third-party funding, but we are open to proposals. Do not hesitate to contact our shop.

Can I buy spare parts from you?

We don’t sell spare parts. We exclusively specialize in renovations of older Defender and Series types.

Do you offer service abroad?

We have a network of service providers In Western Europe and America that meet our standards and recommend them to our clients. If a more extensive service is required, we can arrange transport to us and then transport back to the client.

Are your Land Rovers importable into the U.S.?

Naturally. You can conveniently follow the entire renovation process online. Our workshop is visited weekly by a professional photographer who captures the whole rebuilding process in detail. You will always learn everything important about the progress of work on your new Land Rover In regular weekly reports.

Can I order a Range Rover or a Discovery from you?

For now, we specialize exclusively in Defender models and the predecessor Series models.

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