A throwback to 2018, when I found this incredible Series 2a Station Wagon diesel from 1968. The story is impressive and includes 800 kilos of genuine parts, a true low-mile Land Rover and an owner with big dreams but no driver’s license.

Land Rover Steel Wheels

Land Rover wheels are a topic of many discussions on the Internet, and most commonly the wheel is the first thing a new Land Rover owner wants to change on his newly purchased second-hand vehicle.

In the early 60s Land Rover was a well adapted brand and was using its momentum to pursue new markets. The demand for a high capacity Land Rover took the brand into a few directions.

The Mighty TDI

The world of motor engineering kept ahead of Land Rover for decades, but in the 1990s, in cooperation with BMW, Land Rover engineered an engine that will probably outlive all modern era engines.

In the early 20th century, the world was divided into left- and right-hand traffic. The UK and many of its former colonies kept the right-hand-side steering wheel, while the majority of the world chose to sit on the left-hand side.